14 lakh cases in a day in the world

New Delhi. The havoc of Corona virus is increasing once again in the whole world. Last till 9 o’clock on Tuesday night 24 around the world in hours 14 lakh 40 There is news of getting thousand new cases. This also includes cases adjusted from the previous date in Turkey. But 14 The figure of more than one lakh cases is very worrying. Significantly, for the last few days around the world, the average of eight to nine lakh cases is being found every day. Europe, New cases in America and Britain have caused havoc.

Due to the new variant Omicron of Corona, there is a new ban in many countries of the world. From Friday till now about half past one 11 Thousands of flights have been canceled, Out of which three thousand flights were canceled only on Monday. even on tuesday 11 Hundreds of flights have been cancelled. After receiving more than one lakh cases in a day, many restrictions have been imposed in France. Daily infection cases in Denmark 15 There have been more than a thousand. On the other hand, Australia’s most populous city, New South Wales, recorded the first death from Omicron on Monday. dying person 80 was years old. He was infected in a care home in Sydney.

however, A Bloomberg report states that in one day 14.40 The figure of lakh infected is, Which is the highest figure since the start of the pandemic. The average figure for seven days is also at a record level. On Monday, the average figure of new cases for seven days was about eight and a half lakhs., who a month ago, Compared to getting the first case of Omicron 49 The percentage is high. It is worth noting that the Omicron is more competitive than the earlier variants, especially the Delta. 70 The percentage spreads much faster.

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