5 people who came in contact with Omicron infected in India were found positive, there was a stir in the health department

New Delhi | Omicron in India: With the entry of the most dangerous variant of the corona virus ‘Omicron’ in India, the concerns of the health department have increased. This dangerous variant of corona has been found in two people who returned to India from South Africa. Both these people have been found infected in Karnataka. Their age is 66 years and 46 years. The Health Department in Karnataka is engaged in investigating their contact history. So that more people are not affected by the infection. On the other hand, husband and wife and their two children who returned from South Africa to Jaipur in Rajasthan have also been found corona infected. Those who have been admitted to RUHS in Jaipur and their tests are being done.

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Panic in Karnataka, 5 people who came in contact were found positive
Omicron in India: There has been a stir in the health department here after two were found infected in Karnataka. A 66-year-old foreign national infected with Omicron found here came to Bangalore on 20 November and returned to Dubai on 27 November. During this, 24 people came in direct contact with him and there were 240 secondary contacts. All these corona tests have come negative. But the concern has increased about the second 46-year-old infected because, they are the local doctors here. They were found infected with Omicron on 22 November. 3 out of 13 primary contacts and 2 out of 205 secondary contacts have been found positive. Since then the concern of the state government has increased.

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The number of deaths due to corona increased in India amid the threat of Omicron
The process of deaths due to corona infection in India is not stopping and a large number of patients are dying every day. In the country on Wednesday, 477 people lost their lives due to corona infection within 24 hours. After which the total number of dead has increased to 4 lakh 69 thousand 724.

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