6 Meaning of Frequently Used WhatsApp Terms from PC, VC, PM, to TC

WhatsApp social media , seems to be the social media with the largest number of users. Of course you are a WhatsApp user. But do you know the meaning of the term WhatsApp which is often used like PC , VC , PM or VN ?

The term WhatsApp which is often used such as PC, VC, PM, VN and so on is related to several features in the short message sharing application. WhatsApp has tons of other useful features, such as video calls, status, and so on.

In order to become ‘virtuous netizens’ who can use WhatsApp properly and don’t feel confused when other people use abbreviations or terms, here we present some meanings of popular WhatsApp terms that are often used when chatting. May be useful!

The Meaning of WhatsApp Terms that are Often Used Chat

PC : means personal chat or chat directly. Usually used when there is a discussion in a group, and someone wants to privately continue the discussion. Or just want to talk directly.

PM: short for personal message. Actually means the same as PC, but this term is more often used in the context of buying and selling or trading deals.

VC: short for video call, which is one of the features of WhatsApp to make video calls directly.
VN: voice note or voice message is a form of message that can be used to send information. You can record your own voice and send it to others, and vice versa.

Q: Actually this term was used when BlackBerry was still in its prime. Short for ping, which is often used to provide notifications on ongoing chats.

TC: test contact or test chat, usually used to simply check whether the account or number used is still active or not. Usually used to make sure some old contacts that have been out of touch for a while.

From some of the frequently used WhatsApp terms, do you often use them too? WhatsApp chats and chats are often confusing because they use abbreviated messages.

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The goal is to write WhatsApp chats faster. But if the recipient does not know the abbreviation of the term WhatsApp it will cause miscommunication.

Well, if you often encounter these terms but you don’t know what they mean, I hope this article can be useful information. Now, you can also use some of these frequently used WhatsApp terms actively and no longer get confused when you meet them. Keep up to date with the latest and most useful information on , and good luck with your activities!

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