A 2-year-old child had such an addiction to cigarettes that he used to smoke 40 cigarettes in a day…

New Delhi | Smoking kid Injurious : People all over the world know that smoking is injurious to health. Even after this, most of the youth are attracted to cigarette smoking. In youth, this addiction is mostly due to their parents or friends. However, later on due to the habit of smoking, many problems have to be faced. There are many people who eliminate one or two boxes of cigarettes in a whole day. These days one such chainsmoker 2-year-old child has come to the fore. You will definitely find it strange to hear this, but he has become so addicted to cigarette smoking that he can no longer live without cigarettes.

Smoking kid Injurious :

40 cigarettes in 1 day…

Smoking kid Injurious : The name of this 2-year-old child is Ardi Rizal, who hails from Sumatra, Indonesia. Please tell that this child used to smoke more than 40 cigarettes a day. In 2010, pictures of this child smoking a cigarette became quite viral on social media. However, it is a matter of relief that he has completely got rid of this addiction after 7 years. Due to the addiction of cigarettes, he had become very fat and now he has become slim once again.

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Seeing father got addicted

Smoking kid Injurious : Ardi got addicted to smoking after seeing his father. The child’s mother told that when he was 18 years old, the father jokingly gave him a cigarette. Since then, he started smoking cigarettes secretly every day and became a chain smoker. Mother tells that when she used to cry, she used to bang her head on the wall. After this the mother showed the doctor and slowly everything was fine.

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