A new cycle of free conferences of the State Law School begins

On March 22, a new cycle of free virtual conferences will start organized by the State Law School, endorsed by the Government of Córdoba. The inaugural conference will have as its theme “Principles and administrative law informalism in defense of the administration”.

The conference cycle will be given by the outstanding jurists Juan Carlos Cassagne, chosen by the English magazine “Chambers and Partners” (London, 2001) as one of the one hundred most outstanding lawyers in the world, and Domingo Juan Sesín, who serves as Member of the Superior Court of Justice of the Province of Córdoba.

The conference will be broadcast live through the Zoom platform and the YouTube channel of the State Law School, at 5:00 p.m. It will serve as training and credit hours for the administrative career.

Those interested can register until Tuesday the 22nd, at 3:00 p.m., at:

A new cycle of free conferences begins at the State Law School • Channel C

During the year, various conferences will be held to address labor law issues (procedural labor reform, labor relations and gender issues, work risk, telecommuting); constitutional law (digital constitutionalism, Judicial Council, control of constitutionality and Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, social rights); digital transformation and public administration (blockchainagile methodologies, artificial intelligence and law).

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Topics such as administrative modernization and simplification (administrative decentralization, digital file) will also be discussed; administrative law (public works contracting systems, control of administrative activity, disciplinary law, procedure, public employment, administrative act); environmental law (sanction procedure, sustainable development objectives in Argentina); neurocoaching and neurooratory; and democracy in Latin America.

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