A psychologist recalled the importance of providing informative talks on Bullying “since they serve as a trigger for boys to speak”

Bullying is a situation that occurs in the school environment and generally has three actors, “There is the aggressor, the victim and the spectators who participate encouraging”explained the specialist.

Many times in this situation, the child or adolescent tells this to someone they trust and that person is the one who should turn to a professional within the school to help them. And he pointed out that this is why it is so important that everyone knows how to tackle this problem.

Silvana Domínguez – FM Santa María de las Misiones

“Maybe he is afraid to tell an adult and this concerned friend tells a trusted tutor or teacher and ends up being notified in the office so that we can act in a certain situation”, Indian.

“Bullying or bullying refers to that which occurs clearly in the educational environment and the characteristic of this situation is that it is sustained over time and is triggered later, it is not a specific situation”, he clarified.

Within this framework, educational establishments carry out tasks to counteract these situations and the professional explained how this issue is worked on: “What is generally done in schools is preventive work, with talks and perhaps talking about this issue, it is usually a trigger for children to speak and that is what we are looking for.”

Recommendations for parents :Bullying

The professional pointed out that parents for their part should build trust and accompany their children so that children and adolescents can tell what is happening to them. “Communication is very important on the part of parents, although adolescence is quite a complex stage, because adolescents may not want to talk about their things, I recommend that parents respect a little”Domínguez pointed out.

However, he expressed that beyond respect and understanding for the children, it is necessary to make them feel that the father is present to be able to dialogue, “given that It is very important that an adult can generate this in a child or adolescent so that he can comment if he is going through any bullying situation in the school environment”, Domínguez affirmed.

There are signs that can alert parents, such as “Symptoms that appear on the weekend, the boy suddenly hurts his belly, his head and he doesn’t want to go to school; changes in attitude, behavior, changes in emotional state that lead to the boy suddenly not feeling comfortable going to school ”.

In tune with this, the psychologist explained that, “Sometimes the body speaks and what we cannot say, our body ends up saying, they are indicators that must be taken into account and be attentive when dealing with the child”.

School approach to Bullying

Generally, work teams in schools avoid confrontation between victim and perpetrator, with individual interviews, Domínguez said. Taking into account that violence is a learned attitude, an attempt is made to determine the reason why the child acts in this way “You have to know what and what use it is to do that, when you talk to that boy you have a reason behind that behavior”. Due to this, we always seek to understand these situations “Do not go to the crash, do not confront anyone”, said.

“It is usually quite a notorious characteristic that the victim has a submissive attitude, that he does not react”, clarified. He also stressed that if the victim decides to act, “When you react, you may not control those emotions that you are accumulating and it can bring about another even bigger conflict that has physical violence.”

According to the professional, there are no exact percentages, but during the pandemic and this period of semi-presence in schools, the number of cases of bullying has decreased “yes, out there in cyberbullying, due to the fact of managing social networks and virtuality ”.

Bullying comes from the English language where the syllable “bull” means “bull” and the characteristic of this animal is to attack everything that is different from it. “This type of behavior is given this characteristic and this name because there is an imbalance of power. These behaviors always existed, now they have a name, a definition, it has symptoms, it has characteristics, and it is more studied ”, Domínguez expressed.

They will give talks in the posadeñas schools before the high rate of suicide in adolescents

How can we prevent bullying?

To prevent a determining situation in the victim “must be prevent in schools, talk about this, in the first years address respect, communication, dialogue, good treatment with the classmate with whom they are next door, with the other course, with classmates from the same institution ” , Domínguez warned.

The psychologist said that activities in schools were currently being reinforced “What we do is reinforce giving talks on the early years, preventive talks and workshops to raise awareness about the issue”, explained.

Meanwhile, he recommended that parents, after learning about the situation, approach the school to be able to dialogue with the directors and the technical team of the cabinet. After analyzing the situation it is recommended “Work with an external professional and network from school, if the case requires it”.

He added that the establishment continues to work with the child in containment and assistance. The actions of parents when communicating with the school is fundamental since “There are situations that we do not find out out there because the boy speaks at home, or does not speak out of fear, which must also be taken into account.”


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