A sample of natural mosaics was made by the students of the BOP 5 school in Candelaria

The secondary school students participated in an evaluation contest for their mosaic designs, which stand out for being made with natural materials. For this 2021 edition, they not only bet on the floral rugs that they have already made for more than 30 years, but also added to this initiative the creation of natural mosaics of stones, leaves of different plants, snails and other natural elements.

All the paint jobs of the contestants were done early on Friday, the works have been able to show off their colors in the sun and the students, to increase the brightness, spilled a little water. It was possible to observe drawings of characteristic birds of the province and typical flowers of the area.

sample of natural mosaics

Through this initiative they sought “get young people to recreate, change activities and, in turn, recycle”Explained one of the teachers who accompanied the students.

sample of natural mosaics

For their part, the designs presented will be disassembled on Tuesday after the school holiday on Monday, because many figures of painting on dried flowers cannot be saved, with the exception of the small colorful stones.

In addition to the imagination to create the pieces, they also designed a mosaic poster which announced the year and the course of each student.

sample of natural mosaics

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