Active cases cross four lakhs

New Delhi. Due to the rapidly increasing cases of the new variant Omicron of the corona virus and the delta variant that caused havoc in the second wave, the number of infected as well as active cases and deaths due to infection is increasing rapidly in the country. By the time of writing the news on Friday, the number of active cases in the country reached close to 4.5 lakh, which was close to 60 thousand till mid-December. Every day the death toll has also reached above three hundred.

More than one lakh infected were found for the second consecutive day on Friday. By the time the news was written, the number of infected had reached above one lakh 16 thousand on Thursday. In Mumbai, for the second consecutive day on Friday, more than 20 thousand infected people were found and six people died. On Friday, 20,971 new patients were found in Mumbai. Earlier on Thursday, 20,181 cases were registered.

On Friday, 17,335 new cases have been found in the capital Delhi and nine people have died. In December last month, nine people died due to corona infection in the entire month. The rate of infection in Delhi increased to 17.73 percent on Friday. Apart from Delhi and Maharashtra, there have been corona explosions in many other states of the country. On Friday, 18,213 new cases were found in West Bengal and 18 people died. In Assam, 1,167 new cases were found and two people lost their lives.

On Friday, 3,748 new cases were found in Haryana adjoining Delhi and the infection rate increased to 8.11 percent. In Punjab, 2,901 patients were found in 24 hours and one person died. Once again the number of patients in Kerala has crossed five thousand. On Friday, 5,296 new cases were found in the state and 35 patients died. There was a big explosion of corona in Karnataka and 8,449 new cases were found on Friday, while four people died. In this way, the third wave of corona from east to west and north to south has started and is spreading rapidly. With the increase in the number of infected, the death toll is also increasing.

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