Actor Jeeva trapped in a foreign hotel .. Hotel management bent

Venkat Prabhu is the only director in Tamil cinema who takes a film so much fun and sees success in it. If he is making a film it will be a minor character for certain actors in it.

One such prominent figure in the Venkatprabhu gang is actor Mirchi Siva. A radio jockey, he made his cinematic debut with Venkatprabhu’s Chennai 28. Following this film, he has acted in a number of Tamil films.

In addition, the Tamil film in which he acted was a huge success and earned him great fame. Since then he has acted in many Tamil films including Kalakalappu. Now Siva is co-starring with actor Jeeva in the movie Golmal.

Both of them had already acted in the movie Kalakalappu 2 directed by Sundar C. The shooting of the movie Golmaal, in which they will act together following this film, took place in Mauritius a few days ago.

Where Siva is, there will be no famine for liveliness. One such incident took place in Mauritius. The film crew all stayed in a large hotel for the shooting of the film.

It has come to light that the producer did not pay for the hotel just after the shooting was over and everyone was leaving. Thus the hotel management has caught Siva and Jeeva having to pay the money.

A few actors have become an escape for some reason. One of the survivors was actor Manopala. After that they paid the money and returned to India. The incident has now brought laughter to many. Do not go abroad shooting and do not come back without debt.

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