Actor Kaif Yamaan aka Mohd kaif on his way to explore entertainment industry

Born and brought up in Lucknow, Kaif had an inclination towards acting and poetry since childhood. He was never shy in front of the camera in school. Lucknow-based artist Kaif Yaman will soon be seen in his webseries on the OTT platform. Kaif Yaman has got a chance to work with Mukesh Tiwari and the best Bollywood actor.

At the same time, understanding the exigencies of time, Kaif started showing his talent on the social media app i.e. Tik-Talk. In the initial phase, he did not get many followers, but gradually his hard work paid off. Then, many people started following him.
From there he became an artist digitally. Kaif moved to Mumbai to try his luck in the Bollywood industry. Loved his work here and today he got a chance to work on the OTT platform. Kaif, who illuminates the name of Lucknow, tells about himself, he also likes to write and speak, due to which people follow him even more. Kaif’s style of poetry is very unique.

People are also very inspired by his voice, his voice has created a magic, this is the reason millions of people listen to Kaif on social media today, wait for his video, now people will wait for Kaif on the big screen too!!

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