Actor Mohan Agashe, who has worked in many Bollywood films, told how should today’s films be?

Kolkata. Veteran actor Mohan Agashe says a film should be able to keep the audience in their seats till (after the film is over) the names of the people involved in the making of the film start appearing on the screen. He has recently produced the Marathi film Dithi which garnered a lot of praise. He said that literature, film, theater and music are all related to emotions.

The actor, who was here for the screening of Dithi at the 27th Kolkata International Film Festival, lamented that audiences of mainstream cinema leave cinema halls the moment they anticipate that the film is about to end. This should not happen, he said in a press conference on Thursday. A movie should be able to keep the audience hooked to their seats until the credits roll and the lights turn back on. Agashe also said that no matter how good an actor is, a bad script and an incompetent director can never save a film. Talking about Dithi, Agashe said that it was written and directed by late filmmaker Sumitra Bhave.

Dithi is the story of a man who understands the duality of life and death after losing his son. Agashe, who has played pivotal roles in Marathi films like Kasav and Throne, also said that he wants to work on Bhave’s unfinished script. Agashe said Sunil Sukthankar, who has co-directed several projects with Bhave, including National Award winner Kasav, will complete the film. He said that when you work with someone like him (Bhave), you enjoy another avatar as a producer. Let us tell you that Bhave died in April last year at the age of 78.

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