Actor Sonu Sood again introduced humanity, saved the life of a young man trapped in an accidental car

Sonu Sood: A life saviour, again won hearts by saving young boys

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who is called the messiah of the poor, has once again saved the life of a young man in Punjab by setting an example of humanity. Actually the young man was trapped inside the car after the car accident. Meanwhile, actor Soon Sood, who was passing by the spot, saw the accidental car, then he stopped his car and reached to help the running young man.

During this, Sonu Sood took out the young man trapped inside the car and then picked it up and made him lie in his car too. After that they took the young man to the hospital. At the same time, due to the timely help, the life of the young man was saved. At present, the young man is undergoing treatment in the hospital and is said to be out of danger.

It is being told that Sonu Sood was going back on Tuesday night after campaigning for his sister and Congress candidate Malvika Sood in Moga. During this, he saw an accident on the road. It is being said that if the youth did not get help on time, then their life could be in danger. In fact, after the accident, due to the centerlock of the car, the youths were unable to get out of the car. He was also injured, due to which he was not able to call anyone for help. At the same time, this work of Sonu Sood is being praised a lot.

Wednesday morning he shared this news through his Facebook handle.

Here are some tweets:


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