After ICC’s “poor” rating, MPCA president said, “Indore’s pitch has given the result of Test match”

A top official of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) on Friday said that the Holkar Stadium pitch used for the third Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy has given the result and that the pitch was made as per the instructions of the curators of the Board of Cricket in India (BCCI). It was prepared accordingly. MPCA President Abhilash Khandekar made the statement after the International Cricket Council (ICC) termed the pitch as “poor”.

Hosts India suffered a crushing nine-wicket defeat at the hands of Australia on the third day of the Test match on a pitch that proved to be a graveyard for the batsmen with the deadly attack of the spin ball. Khandekar told “PTI-Bhasha”, “I have come to know that this pitch has been declared bad by the ICC.” However, I haven’t seen the details of the ICC rating on the pitch. But I have to say that this pitch has given the result of the Test match.

Amidst sharp criticism of Indore’s pitch in cricket circles, the MPCA president did not forget to remind that the two opening Test matches played between India and Australia in Nagpur and Delhi also could not run for full five days. Khandekar said that the pitch at the Holkar Stadium was prepared as per the guidelines of the pitch curators of the BCCI, who visited the Holkar Stadium about eight days before the match and inspected the ground.

Sources said that two BCCI curators – Ashish Bhowmik and Tapas Chatterjee – had inspected the stadium ahead of the India-Australia Test. According to sources, the Holkar Stadium has both black and red clay pitches, but it was decided to use the black clay pitch for the India-Australia Test. According to experts, usually the cricket ball takes less spin and bounce on the black soil pitch than the red soil pitch, but the speed of the ball also depends on the condition of the grass on the pitch.

In most of the matches that have taken place in the last 17 years of MPCA’s Holkar Stadium, its pitch has proved to be very helpful for the batsmen, hence this ground has been called the batsman’s paradise. MPCA President Khandekar said, “The Holkar Stadium pitch has played host to international and domestic matches in the past. On 24 January, a one-day match was organized between India and New Zealand on this.

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