After Piyush Jain IT raids on Pushpraj Jain, scuffle between BJP and SP

New Delhi: After Kanpur’s perfume businessman Piyush Jain, on Friday 31 December, the Income Tax Department raided the place of SP MLC and perfume maker Pushpraj Jain. Addressing a press conference in Kannauj, Yadav said that the BJP deliberately carried out the raids on the day when their media conference was scheduled. The former UP chief minister also said that the BJP is disappointed as the person they were trying to nab turned out to be their own man. The leader was referring to the arrest of Piyush Jain. (Scuffle between BJP and SP)

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Raids are being conducted at 50 places across the country.

Meanwhile, the Income Tax Department is probing the Kannauj businessman for tax evasion and account fraud. Raids are being conducted at 50 places across the country. For the unversed, Pushpraj Jain is the same person who was misunderstood by many as perfume trader, Piyush Jain, who was arrested earlier this week for tax evasion. Later, the Bharatiya Janata Party accused the Samajwadi Party of being associated with Piyush Jain, a claim consistently denied by the Samajwadi Party.

BJP continues to target SP after IT raid (Scuffle between BJP and SP)

Pushpraj Jain aka Pumpi was also alleged by many to be associated with Piyush Jain, however, in an interview with Zee Media, the Samajwadi perfume maker said that he was not related to Piyush Jain in any way . Meanwhile, income tax raids were conducted on Pushpraj Jain’s properties ahead of Akhilesh Yadav’s press conference in Kannauj, which was set to address the matter related to Piyush Jain’s raid. The ruling BJP, on the other hand, continues to target Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party after the IT raids. (Scuffle between BJP and SP)

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