After standup comedian Munawwar Farooqui, Kunal Kamra’s Bengaluru show canceled after threats

Comedian Kunal Kamra on Wednesday said that his upcoming stand-up show in Bengaluru has been canceled following threats from the organisers. Days after Kamra’s show was cancelled, another stand-up comedian Munawwar Farooqui was denied permission to perform in the city. The police called him a controversial person. Kunal Kamra has criticized the BJP-led NDA government on several issues in the past. Kunal posted a sarcastic statement on Twitter to inform his fans and detractors about the cancellation of his show to be held in the city in the coming days. Hello people of Bangalore. I am happy to inform that my shows in Bangalore for the next 20 days have been cancelled. They have been canceled for two reasons. ( kunam kamra show )

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attempt to oppress with equality

Firstly, we did not get special permission to seat 45 people at that place, which can accommodate more. Secondly, if I ever perform there, the venue has been threatened with closure. I think this is also part of the covid protocol and new guidelines. I guess I am seen as a type of virus now.. said the comedian. Kamra said that now his shows have also been canceled after Farooqui, this proves that the ruling class is trying to harass at least with equality. For those on twitter who are wondering how Ek Kamra performs while Ek Farooqui has had to give up comedy.. We can take solace in the fact that the ruling class is trying to at least oppress with equality. Is. Maybe if we continue on the path of equal oppression, we will reach the point of equal emancipation in the post-climate change era.

Five steps to cancel the show (kunam kamra show)

He further listed five steps for canceling a comedian’s show. If they use this method and a show doesn’t get cancelled, I will quit being a stand-up comedian. Step No. 1 – Inform the police that violence may occur. Step number 2 – Inform the owner of the venue that violence may occur. Step No. 3 – Inform the artist that if he/she is coming there will definitely be violence. Step No. 4 – Remind the location of what can happen if the artist manages to put on a show despite the threats. Step No. 5 – Be prepared with celebratory memories that show your victory and solidarity in remembering the point. You can also apply this formula to an artist you don’t agree with, you don’t find funny, or don’t like their art. Apart from Kunal Kamra and Farooqui, comedian Vir Das also faced several complaints and online trolling for his ‘Two India’ monologues in the US recently. ( kunam kamra show )

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