After the Farm Law, the Agriculture Minister made a big statement on the MSP, said- Don’t worry about the MSP and return home…

New Delhi | Farm Law MSP MInister : On the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, PM Modi gave a gift to farmers across the country by taking back the agriculture law. Even after this, the farmers have not stopped their agitation and they say that they will think about it only after talking about MSP. Amidst all this, a big statement of Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has come to the fore. Some minister has appealed to the farmers to go back home. He has said that approval has been received from the cabinet regarding the return of the agriculture bill. In such a situation, there is no need for the farmers to protest and agitate.

Said this thing on MSP

Farm Law MSP MInister : Agriculture Minister Pawar said that the committee formed by the government will talk to the farmers union on other issues at the time of MSP. He said that PM Modi has announced the formation of a special committee for crop diversification, zero budget farming and making MSP more transparent and effective. He said that representatives of farmers’ organizations would also be included in this committee. The Agriculture Minister clearly said that what the farmers are saying has been completed with the formation of the committee. Now there is no purpose for them to be on the streets.

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Said this thing on Parali too

Farm Law MSP MInister : Agriculture Minister has made many big announcements today. He said that burning of stubble would not be a legal offense. He made it clear that no case would be registered against any farmer for burning stubble. Let us tell you that if the farmers’ organizations had demanded to make stubble burning crime free, then the government has accepted. Along with this, he assured the farmers that the bill would be introduced on the first day of Parliament.

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