After the fatal accident on Route 7 in which a Mbya child died, the communities mobilized asking for more signs and donkeys’ backs

“It is impressive with the speed that drivers travel in a protected natural area and indigenous territoriality. They do not respect the signs, speed bumps are needed, we have been asking for donkey backs for a long time ”, said the chief Eliseo Chamorro, from the Ka’aguy Poty Community, about the tragic and fatal road accident.

For this reason, the communities settled in the Kuña Pirú Valley once again asked the corresponding authorities to “see the danger posed by the lack of signage in the area from Aristóbulo del Valle to Jardín América, where there are 11 schools. More speed control is needed. Today we mourn the death of a child from the Mbya Guaraní community, ”said the Cacique.

From Ka’aguy Poty they expressed solidarity with the family of the affected community. Chamorro said that they came out this morning to repudiate the fact and ask drivers for more awareness. They claim that the speed limit is not respected in the area. “It is an area of ​​indigenous satellite schools and natural areas that must respect speed limits, but this does not happen,” insisted Chamorro.

“There is always our fear that this will happen because the drivers do not respect the speed, there is a lack of more signaling, that they put the donkey backs that we have long asked the authorities, the Deliberative Council, the Municipality and the Highway Administration. This was not an accident, it was due to speeding. When he ran over the boy it was sunny, good visibility, and it was during school hours. But the indications are not respected, ”said Chamorro in contact with

The tragedy mobilized four communities of Ruiz de Montoya and Aristóbulo del Valle, settled in the Kuña Pirú Valley, who decided to go to the edge of the provincial road with an awareness campaign, handing out flyers to drivers with prevention messages.

The tragic accident

On Wednesday at 12.35 noon, the road accident on Provincial Route No. 7 was recorded that led to the tragic end, when the child was run over by a Fiat Fiorino vehicle commanded by a 23-year-old young man. “The boy came from his family’s farm that he has crossing the road, and when he returned home to bathe and go to school, that was when the fatal accident happened,” said the director of the Satellite School, Sergio Arriola.

The police report indicates that the rigorous tests are carried out to establish the causes of the accident. The vehicle was traveling on the aforementioned Route in the direction of Jardín América towards Aristóbulo del Valle, when it struck the boy who was trying to cross the asphalt and was run over.

After consultations with the magistrate, they kidnapped the vehicle, the driver was notified of the investigation of the case and the body of the minor was handed over to his mother.

“The reality that it was all very hard, the boy was until almost 3:00 pm on the asphalt and waiting for the criminalistic skills to end,” said Arriola.

“The boy’s grandfather always took him or looked for him, since he has several grandchildren who attend school, precisely because the concern of the community – and also from the school – is the high speed with which it is circulated on the route. I have personally submitted several notes requesting more signage, donkey backs, and controls because in this entire area there are 11 schools, of which two are satellites. It is just stopping to look and see the speed with which the vehicles travel. We cannot always go out and react when tragedies happen, we must prevent accidents and better signal the route », asked the director of the 798 School.

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