After the return of Farm Law, Tikait said at the tractor rally, ‘Celebration’ of one year’s struggle…

New Delhi | Kisan Andolan Rakesh Tikait : After the announcement of PM Modi, the Union Cabinet has also approved for the withdrawal of such laws. Now a bill will be brought in Parliament to repeal this law. Even after PM Modi’s announcement and withdrawal of agricultural laws, farmers are stuck on their agitation. Apart from the agricultural laws, there are some demands of the farmers, which the central government is not in the mood to accept. This is the reason that farmer leader Rakesh Tikait is not taking the name of withdrawing the farmers’ movement. When he was asked whether the peasant movement should end now, he said that the fight was not over yet. He put many more demands in front of the central government.

Was shocking, but welcome.

Kisan Andolan Rakesh Tikait : Rakesh Tikait said that suddenly the decision of PM Modi to withdraw the agriculture law was shocking but we welcome it. He said that it is true that the movement should end. But still there are two or three things which the government should accept. Rakesh Tikait said that 700 farmers from across the country were martyred during the farmers’ movement. The Central Government should be compensated for them and land should be provided to build their memorial.

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Final decision on tractor rally on 27th

Kisan Andolan Rakesh Tikait : When asked a question on the tractor rally, Rakesh Tikait said that the Kisan Morcha will take a final decision on this on November 27. He said that there is a possible tractor rally on 29th, so we cannot tell anything from now on. He said that our movement has been going on for more than 1 year and now what do you want us to go home like this. He said that the tractor rally is going to be a celebration of one year’s struggle for us.

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