After winning the award for photography, now I only want to move forward in this field: Boishali Lahiri

Boishali Lahiri is the Artist Manager at a VFX studio. She is living her dream of becoming a tattoo model and photographer. For the first time as a photographer, he worked with Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut. Excerpts from an interview with Boishali Lahiri are being reproduced here.

Question: Tell us something about your background?

Answer – I am originally from a small town Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. I am living in Mumbai for last 13 years. I am living my dream of becoming a tattoo model and photographer. Professionally I am Artist Manager in a VFX studio.

Which was your first project in the film industry?

Answer – My first project as a VFX Artis Manager was Mimi, working in which was a memorable experience for me.

With which cine star was your first project as a photographer?

Answer- I consider myself extremely fortunate that my first personality as a photographer was the Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut.

Who has been your role model or which personality in Bollywood did you take inspiration from..?

Answer- My inspiration in Bollywood has been Kangana Ranaut. Coming from a small town and not having any film background, the way Kangana has established herself is unparalleled.

You are an Artist Manager and Photographer… so how challenging is your profession?

Answer – Look, photography is my passion and I enjoy every moment as a photographer.. and managing an artist is my skill… it has definitely been challenging. But managing both is fun.

How difficult is it to manage artists?

Answer – It is fun for me.. See, any work is difficult when you can not enjoy that work. I enjoy every moment of my work, so it’s more fun for me.

What is your career goal or future plans?

Answer – After winning the award for photography, now I just want to move ahead in the field of photography and live my passion..

Photography and artist management are two different things…how do you both manage your work and which work do you enjoy the most..

Answer – Look, I enjoy both work, photography is my passion and passion and managing people’s work is my skill.

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