After winning the FIFA World Cup 2022, Champion Lionel Messi’s team reached Argentina with the trophy, crowds thronged the streets

The winning team of FIFA World Cup 2022, Argentina has reached its country after winning the trophy. Millions of people flocked outside the airport to catch just a glimpse of the team after Argentina were crowned world champions. All of Argentina was on the street to watch their favorite team.
The Argentine team, led by captain Lionel Messi, disembarked at 3 a.m. in Ejeija, outside the capital. Even at this time of night, football and Messi fans were waiting for him outside the airport. The fans of the team gave him a warm welcome. Let us tell you that the Argentina team has captured the title by defeating France in the penalty shootout in 4-2. Argentina’s team has won this match for the third time. Earlier in 1978 and 1986, Argentina had won the World Cup. At the same time, this World Cup was very important because the captain of Argentina’s team, Lionel Messi himself had announced that this is going to be his last World Cup.
This is how the team was welcomed
The world champion team was welcomed by the fans by laying eyelids. During this, the ‘red carpet’ was laid for the team. Most Messi got off the plane holding the World Cup trophy with coach Lionel Scaloni, who put his hand on the captain’s shoulder. The two then landed close to a banner that read ‘Thank you, champions’. The players were welcomed by the rock band La Mosca singing ‘Muchachos’. The song was written by a fan to the tune of an earlier song by the band and became a popular unofficial song of the team for Argentina fans at the World Cup in Qatar.
players left in an open bus
Members of the world champion team then boarded an open-top bus and several players, including Messi, were seen singing ‘Muchachos’ as they waited for the trip to the headquarters of the Argentine Football Association (AFA). A large number of fans gathered on the highway to catch a glimpse of the players and wave the Argentine flag, causing the bus to move very slowly. The law enforcement officials tried their best to maintain order during this period. The bus took about an hour to travel about 11 kilometers from the airport to the AFA headquarters where the players were greeted with fireworks.
They will sleep for a few hours at the AFA headquarters and later on Tuesday take a bus to the Obelisk, an iconic landmark of Buenos Aires. President Alberto Fernandez has declared Tuesday a national holiday so the country can celebrate the victory. Argentina won the title on Sunday, defeating France 4-2 in a penalty shoot-out in the final. The two teams were tied 2–2 after 90 minutes of regulation time and then 3–3 after 30 minutes of extra time.

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