Agricultural law came back as it was passed

New Delhi. The Central Government on Monday withdrew it the way it had passed three controversial agriculture bills. The bill was passed in both the houses of the Parliament without any discussion. Opposition parties have termed the passage of the bill without discussion as an insult to Parliament and opposed it. After being passed by both the houses, it will be sent to the President. The bill is likely to get the President’s assent on Tuesday.

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Earlier on Monday, as soon as the Parliament proceedings began, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar introduced a bill to withdraw the Agriculture Act in the Lok Sabha, which was passed without discussion. After this, the Congress and other opposition parties started a ruckus demanding a discussion on the withdrawal of the law. Due to the uproar, the proceedings of the Lok Sabha could not go on and it was adjourned till 11 am on Tuesday.

After the lunch break was over, Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar introduced this bill in the Rajya Sabha, where it was passed immediately. It is worth noting that the government had passed the bills of all the three agricultural laws in the same fashion. All the opposition MPs in the Rajya Sabha had been demanding a discussion on this, but bypassing it, it was forcefully passed. In the same manner, the government has also withdrawn it.

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However, opposition MPs opposed the passage of the bill without discussion. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said- The way laws were repealed in Parliament without any discussion, it shows that the government is afraid of discussion. The government knows that it has done wrong. He said that there was a discussion on who was behind the death of seven hundred farmers and who had the power to implement the laws, but the government did not allow it. The opposition MPs wanted to discuss the return of these laws as well as the guarantee of the Minimum Support Price (MSP) and the death of farmers.

Regarding this, Rahul Gandhi said that these three laws were an attack on farmers and laborers. The list of hardships faced by farmers and laborers is long, not limited to MSP and loan waiver. They are still demanding and we support them. Rahul told the media- You said, the Prime Minister apologized, it means the Prime Minister accepted that seven hundred people died due to his mistake, his mistake led to the agitation. If they have accepted the mistake, then the loss will have to be compensated.

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