Aid against it: Ella Smolov’s contribution to Ashram’s gold win

The coach accompanied Neta Rivkin at three Olympics and came to Tokyo as the instructor for Nicole Zelikman, but in the moment of the senior gymnast’s crisis, she was the one who helped get her back on track: “I used a lot of intuition”

It is rare to have such a paragon in the world of gymnastics, especially when it comes to artistic gymnastics. But the connection between Linoy Ashram and her coach Ayelet Sussman and Nicole Zelikman and her coach Ella Smolov is simply wonderful. Minutes after Ashram won the gold medal , Sussman went out to the media in the gym and openly told how Smolov, who had to prepare her gymnast Zelikman, helped her with Ashram who was nominated for the medal and was naturally much more stressed on the day of the finals and qualifiers.

Smolov is full of experience and wisdom of life. She accompanied gymnast Neta Rivkin to three Olympics, so if you want someone to be there for you to help it is her. The world of artistic gymnastics covered by the media mainly through the prism of Ira Wigdorczyk has taught here in Tokyo that there are other very good men and women coaches.

These, you were in the picture when Linoy started with a bad hoop exercise in the qualifiers. You helped Ayelet Sussman reset Linoy and get her back on track.

“Olympics is a different world. It is unlike any other competition. I was with Neta Rivkin at three Olympics and now with Nicole and I told Ayelet that it is a completely different competition. I used a lot of intuition to help Ayelet with Linoy. As Ayelet helps me, I helped her in this moment that opened the qualifiers “We did a lot of things there together and picked up Linoy. She was not broken, but she was disappointed. I’m glad she came back great.”

What is the explanation for the fact that we have had such great gymnasts for years in this industry?
“First, because we have art that came from the Soviet Union. And in addition we have the Israeli spirit. I am personally from Belarus and together with what we brought from there there is the power of Israel. Linoy has a father from the Israeli army and that is the genes she received. I love Israeliness. With hands, with power. “

The country is in a frenzy.
“Exactly. The country is in a frenzy and that’s what makes this industry a successful industry.”


What does Linoy bring?
“She’s a golden girl. She’s a human being. That’s why she deserves it so much. Linoy and Nicole were a lot together. They were in isolation together. We had picnics together at Wingate. We cooked together. Linoy has a charm. She has a style born with him. Linoy is a diamond. excellent”.

Your Nicole Zelikman is very advanced. Can she bring a medal from Paris 2024?
“I’m not talking about a medal, but Nicole has a future. Even if she says today that she wants to think about it, I am convinced she will continue in 2024. Neta would also say after the Olympics that she is tired and maybe she will retire, but she would come back and I believe that Nicole will rest, gather strength and return to her journey. “

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