Akash Chowdhary is an Indian actor and his fans are crazy about his poetry

These days his short videos are dominated on social media. In a very short time, his short videos are getting the love of a large number of people. Especially people are giving a lot of love to his Said Shayari and Attitude Shayari videos.

It is said that if there is a desire to achieve the destination, then the paths themselves start being made. Something similar is believed by Akash Chowdhary of Lucknow, who is running with the dream of becoming a big star in his eyes at such a young age. Akash, who aspires to become an actor, has become an inspiration to millions of people today with his poetry videos.

Akash tells that he does acting and emotional scenes with a lot of heart, since childhood, he used to have a heart in acting and soon his web series Prayagraj is coming in which you will see big actors like Mukesh Tiwari Deep Raj Rana!

It is known that some time ago Akash has done a very good job in the web series Prayagraj, due to which he has been offered another new web series and he is playing the role of a minister’s boy in that web-series!

Talking about the fans, Akash says that we are lucky to have loving people like you and Akash gets so much support from people that today millions of people recognize Akash. To create any viral content, we need a lot of hard work and dedication. We want to make sure to our fans that in every upcoming video, we will try to keep increasing people with some of our poetry.

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People like his poetry so much that many times the hashtag of Akash’s name gets trended in his name. Referring to Bollywood, Akash says that many stars say that I am a very natural actor…! I tried everyone and saw only one thing at the time, that too in myself…! This Akash’s poetry was quite a hit on the reels.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imakashchowdhary/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iakashchowdhary/

MxTakaTak: https://share.mxtakatak.com/bsToRLPW


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