Akriti Agarwal, a social media influencer, is building a name for herself in Bollywood via hard work and perseverance

Akriti Agarwal has had a passion for dancing and doing entertaining things since she was a child, which led her to TikTok, a short video website. Akriti began posting videos on Tik Tok. She had a small fan base when she first started uploading videos to Tik Tok, but now she has 90.1K followers, 614.1K likes on Tik Tok, and 988k followers on Instagram.

After that, Akriti began to share her videos on Instagram.
Akriti acquired tremendous popularity after publishing videos on Instagram, thanks to the audience’s fondness for her innocent attractiveness, lovely smile, and, most importantly, her unique video content.

With only a few months under her belt, she had amassed over 500k Instagram followers. Her number of fans grew as she continued to share her videos.

She began posting her videos on Instagram Reels and quickly grew her following to 988 thousand in a short amount of time.

When she shares dance and comedy videos on her account, her admirers never fail to demonstrate their admiration.

She has appeared in several music videos, including Galat Fehmi, Tata Kardene, and Batti Gul, which have received over a million views.

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