Alert in Misiones due to high risk of spreading forest and rural fires

This is reflected in the data from the Provincial Fire Management Plan, Base Apóstoles. The fire danger index is extreme for the Bernardo de Irigoyen area and very high for the rest of the province.

The absence of rain and the high temperatures registered in recent days in Misiones make the index of the danger of forest and rural fires are at high risk throughout the province. The prohibition of the use of fire for burning is in force.

As reported by the Misiones Territorial Ordinance, based on the Provincial Fire Management Plan, Base Apóstoles, the forest fire danger index is Extreme for the Bernardo de Irigoyen area and very high for the rest of the province.

Early warning warned of fire risk

The fire danger index in Misiones is in an “extreme” state throughout the province, as reported by the Undersecretariat of Territorial Planning through the Early Warning Directorate. Therefore, they remind the community of the need to avoid any type of burning.

This index, which summarizes the climatic conditions and vulnerable vegetation due to the lack of humidity, scarce rainfall and high temperatures,  ” indicates that in the event of fires, these would be of great magnitude and intensity and difficult to control,” they assure from the undersecretary.

Fire danger in Misiones

For this reason, they reiterate to the entire community the need not to carry out burns in the peri-urban and rural areas, in order to avoid the negative impacts that fires bring in those places.

In addition, the undersecretary recalls that Resolution No. 293/20 is in force, which prohibits and condemns the use of fire for any destination throughout the province.

When detecting fires, call 911 and report this act that puts everyone’s life at risk.

Environmental tragedy in Misiones: the fire in Las Araucarias park would have been intentional

In total, about 10 hectares of the ecosystem were consumed and the flames managed to be contained “thanks to the firefighters and the Municipality’s team,” according to the mayor of San Pedro.

This fire broke out in mid-August 2021, in a large part of the Las Araucarias Provincial Park, located in San Pedro in the province. According to mayor Miguel Dos Santos, the burns affected the yer balls and farms of the neighbors. ” Thanks to the firefighters and the entire team of the Municipality we were able to solve the most conflictive part, ” clarified the mayor. And he added that if the wind had not stopped, the damage would be much greater. 

One of the disadvantages for the affected area is the non-probability of rain in the next few days, however, the interviewee commented that they are with the help of firefighters in terms of water supply and they also have a truck from the municipality. For their part, the police are currently conducting an investigation into how the 5 outbreaks of the fire began.

Anyway, the main hypothesis is that the fire was intentional. These foci were the paths at the beginning of the park (the laterals and the internal ones). Tomorrow they will go to review all the areas together with the provincial police.

In total, about 10 hectares of the vast ecosystem that harbors the Vinous Parrot, an endangered species of extension, were burned.

In the framework of citizen security operations, the Misiones Police, in a joint effort with Volunteer Firefighters,  put down 4 outbreaks of fires in grasslands and weeds, thus making a total of 23 that were registered in the provincial territory that week.

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