Alwar rape case is now the responsibility of CBI, this is a big difference between BJP and Congress

Alwar, Rajasthan: Now the CBI will handle the Alwar rape case in its own way. CM Ashok Gehlot had already made it clear that his government will always be ready if the family members ask for a CBI investigation. The recommendation for investigation has been sent. Now the CBI will investigate this matter. Earlier, the case was getting complicated due to the constantly changing statement of the police. But now from the CBI investigation it can be expected that soon the criminals of this case will be caught.

On the one hand, in the BJP-ruled Ram Rajya Uttar Pradesh, there are heart-wrenching crimes like Hathras. A Dalit is raped by 4 upper castes. The police and the government work like a thief. The rape victim is burnt in the dark night without informing the family members. The family members of the victim do not even get the right to see their child for the last time. They are kept under arrest in their own house. Journalists are prevented from meeting, arrested and imprisoned for treason.

On the other hand, the Congress party of Rajasthan provided proper medical facilities to the victim and at the same time stood by her relatives. Neither any media was stopped, nor the opposition was forcibly locked in a room, no NSA was imposed on anyone and Nor were journalists like Siddiqui Kappan arrested.
No one can forget the Unnao rape case that the former MLA of the Yogi government killed the father of the rape victim.

Rajasthan CM asked for a CBI inquiry from the front. But the BJP never asked for a CBI inquiry from the front. Lakhs of tweets are made, there are picketing demonstrations, but still the BJP government lives in its arrogance. It is only after coming under a lot of pressure that the CBI orders the investigation.

Let us tell you that on January 11, a minor 16-year-old deaf and mute girl was raped and thrown on the overbridge by some miscreants. Earlier there was talk of rape. But then on the basis of medical report, the police refused to rape. Since then both the media and the opposition started dominating the government.

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