An Argentine won at the start of the 2022 Dakar Rally

The 2022 Dakar Rally had its first timed test that was only 19 kilometers that comprised a part of stage 1 that joined Yeda with Hail, where Manuel Andújar (Yamaha), current champion in quadricycles, was the fastest. While Kevin Benavides (KTM), the other Argentine defending his crown, was fourth in motorcycles.

This small section, which was carried out in the town of Badr, 225 kilometers north of Jeddah, was an excuse for there to be a speed sector on the first day that is known as a “prologue”, where pilots do not usually give one hundred percent since the truth will begin with the second part of stage 1, which will have 333 kilometers of race.

Before arriving at the camp in Hail, the competitors made 614 kilometers of connection, an instance that is not timed and they only limited themselves to arriving on a cool day in the morning with 15 degrees and that later it was raising its temperature. In this context Andújar paved the way for being the last champion of his specialty and was left with the best time, and he took 1m35s from the Frenchman Alexandre Giroud and 2m35s. the Chilean Giovanni Enrico, on a podium for pure Yamaha.

On motorcycles Benavides, who switched from Honda to KTM, was fourth, two minutes behind the winner, Australian Daniel Sanders (KTM) who had a time of 55m30s. Chilean Pablo Quintanilla (Honda) was second and Ross Branch (Yamaha) was third.

While in cars Nasser Al-Attiyah showed why he is the main candidate to take the victory and led the way with his Toyota Hilux. Second was Carlos Sainz in a historic result with his electric vehicle, the Audi RS Q e-tron. Third, South African Brian Baragwanath finished with a Century prototype.

The rest of the Argentines:

Quadricycles: Francisco Moreno (12th), Carlos Verza (19th),

Motorcycles: Luciano Benavides (13th), Diego Gamaliel Llanos (53rd), Joaquín Debeljuh Taruselli (57th), Diego Noras (66th) and Matías Notti (103rd).

Cars: Orly Terranova (10th), Lucio Álvarez (13th), Sebastián Halpern (18th), Juan Cruz Yacopini (25th), and Eugenio Andrés Arrieta, navigator for the Paraguayan Andrea Lafarja (78th).

Trucks: Juan Manuel Silva (32nd).

UTV: Pablo Macua (22nd), David Zille (27th) and Ezequiel Fernández Sasso who is a navigator for the Austrian Nicolas Brabeck-Lemathe, were 11th.

The first fifteen of each category will choose how to start on Sunday. This is key because nobody wants to start ahead to avoid opening the way, because whoever is in that condition will find the dirtiest route.

After this prologue and the symbolic start, the activity will continue this Sunday with stage 1 that will have a 333-kilometer timed course in Hail with a “roller” (there and back in the same city). It can be said that the 2022 Dakar Rally will really start with this competition.

Dakar Rally 2022 – Stage 1 – Top five


Nasser Al-Attiyah (QAT) 10m56s

Carlos Sainz (ESP) 11m08s

Brian Baragwanath (LDS) 11m32s

Henk Lategan (LDS) 11m32s

Sébastien Loeb (FRA) 11m33s


Daniel Sanders (AUS) 11m06s

Pablo Quintanilla (CHL) at 1m

Ross Branch (BOT) at 1m55s

Kevin Benavides (ARG) at 2m00s.

Kevin Benavides (ARG) at 2m00s.

Mathias Walkner (AUT) at 2m35s

Kevin Benavides, the great Argentine hope

Kevin Benavides, the great Argentine hope


Manuel Andújar (ARG) 14m02s

Alexandre Giroud (FRA) at 1m35s

Giovanni Enrico (CHI) at 2m35s

Italo Pedemonte (CHI) at 6m45s

Tomas Kubiena (CZE) at 6m45s


Marek Gozal (POL) 13m22s

Michael Gozal (POL) 13m36s

Rodrigo Luppi de Oliveira (BRA) 13m40s

Austin Jones (USA) 13m58s

Aron Domzala (POL) 14m07s


Dmitry Sotnikov (RUS) 14m24s

Anton Shibalov (RUS) 14m25s.

Martin Macik (CZE) 14m26s

Janus Van Kasteren (NLD) 14m27s

Eduard Nikolaev (RUS) 14m28s

source: Infobae

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