An entrepreneur on how an infection molded his life

CK Sunil Kumar leaves Chennai for his old neighborhood to make a decent living, just to return, home-debilitated and with restored dreams

In June 2020, when CK Sunil Kumar, his significant other Jolly Sunil Kumar and child Arjun Surya “escaped” Chennai in their Swift, they couldn’t have expected the difficulties that lay in front of them.

Covid cases were then flooding in Chennai; Jolly had co-morbidities; for Sunil, running the analytic focus (a short distance from their home) in Ayanavaram was impossible. The mix of these variables pointed one way — towards their old neighborhood, Haripad in Alapuzha area, Kerala. Having done the crisis travel enrollment, they were headed toward Haripad, taking off with their hatchback.

“Dread of the infection and the financial aspects of the circumstance directed our choice. Clearly, the situation being what it is, remaining alive was a higher priority than all else,” says Sunil, who is 48 years of age. “I would not like to take any risk by opening our middle, which offered sugar, ECG and other ordinary tests. With a seething pandemic, the vast majority would try not to step through these exams in the event that they can, thus the middle was not going to get us now the sort of pay we needed to meet our day by day needs.”

Sunil saw his investment funds diminish as the lease for his home and the middle alone absorbed ₹20,000 consistently.

On June 5, as they were en route to their old neighborhood, an unexpected occasion overwhelmed them. While on a short course from Tiruchi, around 9.30 p.m., Sunil failed to keep a grip on the vehicle, which pitched off the street. In the inky murkiness, the three were caught in a low-lying patch — 15 feet beneath the street level. “Luckily, none of us endured any significant injury,” says Sunil.

A Good Samaritan venturing that way saved them.

“As we learnt later, our rescuer Raja was a vehicle seller. He rung up his contacts to get an extra part for the side arm of the vehicle wheel that got bowed because of the fall. Hearing the sound, neighborhood residents had assembled and they assisted us with hauling the vehicle out,” describes Sunil. In around four hours, they were in a situation to leave the spot.

On home ground

In the wake of arriving at their old neighborhood, getting the pieces by beginning a business was difficult. Haripad being a modest community, it’s anything but a characteristic protection from big business in the best of times. Also, they were amidst a pandemic. The solitary comfort was they didn’t need to pay lease as they had their own home.

“Another motivation to move to their local spot was that my older mother must be dealt with,” says Sunil.

In September, when urban communities began loosening up lockdown limitations, Sunil and Jolly got back to move their things from their home for great.

Afterward, the two opened a comparable demonstrative place in their local town subsequent to swearing their property. Presently, they have three people in work.

“Clearly, business can’t be relied upon to be pretty much as energetic as in pre-COVID days. Individuals would try not to go to an indicative community except if it’s anything but a crisis,” says Sunil.

The COVID circumstance appeared to improve when the tuition based school where their child Arjun is reading called the understudies for face to face classes.

The family chose to briefly move to Chennai, and they took a leased convenience to help Arjun complete his pivotal year of tutoring. Before he could get the full advantage of an in-person scholastic program, the subsequent wave moved through Chennai and classes were suspended following a month.

Testing positive

In April, the three tried positive. “We both were in a basic condition and had a hard fight against the infection,” says Sunil, who transports among Chennai and his old neighborhood.

In spite of the fact that these one-and-a-half years have been testing, the Sunils’ are thankful for the numerous individuals who ran into they ways and assisted them with excursion of outlandish circumstances.

“I have not paid my child’s charges till now and the school never hassled me,” says Sunil. “My companions Suresh Sankarankutty, Suraj, Sijith and Sunil have been a major wellspring of help to me.” Sunil came to Chennai as a 17-year-old with just ₹ 500 and it is this city that assisted him with building his fantasies.

“In the event that the circumstance improves, and I truly trust it does, we couldn’t imagine anything better than to be back in Chennai. It is the city where I constructed my fantasies and I need my child to fabricate his too around here.”

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