Another dangerous variant of Corona surfaced again in the world, 12 people got hit

New Delhi | Corona New Variant IHU: It seems that the corona virus is determined to destroy the world. That’s why new variants are coming out one after the other. The world had not yet fully dealt with Delta that, Omicron created panic and when Omicron is beginning to reach its peak, Corona has once again created a new variant by changing its form. The name of this variant is IHU. So far 12 people in the world have been infected with this new variant.

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IHU came out of France
Corona New Variant IHU: Corona is constantly becoming a problem for researchers. It is causing havoc in the world by changing its form time and again. After Omicron, a new variant of Corona has come out of France. The B.1.640.2 variant designated as IHU has been detected in 12 cases of ‘IHU Mediterranean Infection’. Researchers are looking at this by linking it to a trip to the African country of Cameroon. However, researchers have also said about it that it is too early to speculate about the relationship between this infection and its protection from vaccines.

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The mutation set and phylogenetic position of the genome found here point to a new variant called IHU, based on our previous definition, say the researchers. B.1.640.2 has not yet been identified in other countries or labeled as under investigation by the World Health Organization.

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