Another record of Yogi government, treatment of one crore people in 42 health fairs

In a high-level meeting on Monday, CM Yogi has instructed the officials that efforts should be made to benefit as many people as possible from these fairs to be organized at primary health centers.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s resolve to provide better education and better health to the people is paying off. At the national level, the Yogi government has set another record in the field of health. Despite Corona, one crore people have been treated in 42 Chief Minister Jan Arogya Melas in the last two years. Not only this, so far 1.53 lakh people have been referred to the Higher Center for treatment. In a high-level meeting on Monday, CM Yogi has instructed the officials that efforts should be made to benefit as many people as possible from these fairs to be organized at primary health centers. CM Yogi had launched the Chief Minister Jan Arogya Mela on February 2, 2020, before the Corona period. In between, the organizing of the fairs was also interrupted due to Corona, but in view of the success of the fairs, it was decided to conduct it again. So far 8.73 lakh golden cards have been distributed in the fairs. In the fairs, people are being benefited from other schemes of health department along with free check-up, treatment, distribution of golden cards at one place.

Specialist doctors and paramedics treated 1.63 lakh patients, including 65,552 men, 72,267 women and 25,889 children, in the 42nd Arogya Mela on May 1 in the fourth phase in the state. Along with this, 1383 serious patients were referred to big hospitals. 6488 golden cards were distributed in the fair. More than 7051 doctors and 23198 paramedical staff have rendered their services in the fairs organized across the state.

Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh started production of compressed bio gas in Varanasi

Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has started production of compressed bio gas in Varanasi. It has also been successfully tested. A biogas plant has been built in about seven acres in Shahanshapur, Varanasi. It has a capacity to produce 3150 kg of CBG per day. The plant will also produce liquid and solid fertilizers along with gas. In this scheme, by buying cow dung from the Gopalkas, their income will increase, people will get employment. The production of compressed bio gas will benefit the environment. Also, the dependence on crude oil and gas imports will be reduced. Foreign exchange will also be saved.

Yogi Adityanath’s government has started production of compressed bio gas along with running vehicles from CNG in Varanasi and motor boats in Ganga. Gobar gas plant has started functioning in Kashi. Its first phase CBG production has started working successfully. Compressed bio gas is being produced from cow dung, press mud (waste material from sugar factories) and Napier grass. This plant is situated in seven acres in the Kanha Upvan complex located in Shahanshahpur. The cost of this project is around 23 crores. Local production of CBG will also save the pockets of the people and the city will also be saved from pollution. In the second phase of the project, organic manure will be made from its waste. In which solid and liquid organic manure will be made. Which will be useful for organic farming. With this scheme, along with increasing the income of the farmers, the health of the people will also be fine.

Many types of more fertilizers will be made from mainly liquid and solid manure of this plant. Which will be helpful in the production of different crops. With the fertility of the land in the long run, the income of the farmers will also increase. There is also a training center for farmers in the plant itself. Here farmers will be given training in organic farming. With which they will be able to increase their income as well as keep the health of the people well. Vikramaditya Shinde, deputy manager of Adani Total Gas Limited, which operates the plant, said that compressed biogas is much cheaper than LPG. It will be very cheap to run an industrial unit using 500 to 600 kg of LPG per day with CBG. And entrepreneurs can save about 5 percent by using it. It is also cheaper to drive with CBG. CBG is a pollution free and cheap fuel just like CNG. Vikramaditya Shinde said that organic manure will also be produced daily from the plant with 3150 kg gas production capacity built on seven acres at a cost of Rs 23 crore. In this, 55 thousand liters of liquid manure and 18 thousand solid organic manure will be produced. Compressed with 900 quintals of cow dung will be required per day.

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