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The Karnataka Assembly has passed an anti-conversion law. BJP has supported it and Congress has opposed it! Many other BJP-ruled states have also made such laws and some others are going to make them. Many Christian organizations have also demonstrated in Bangalore against this law of Karnataka. Many Muslim leaders have also issued their statements against this law. How many such laws have been made, Some of their provisions may justify differences on some, but in a country like India, there must be some necessary restrictions on conversion. Karnataka anti conversion bill

What is conversion really?, This is really a game of power in the name of conversion. Its sole purpose is to increase the strength of their respective communities. In any democratic country, power is captured on the basis of numerical strength. Not only formal capture of power, Social, Religious numbers have a tremendous role in establishing their supremacy in economic and cultural fields as well. people who convert other people, Ask them what religion they belong to, Have they been following that religion faithfully in their own lives? ,

The history of Europe shows that there is a period of a thousand years considered to be the Dark Ages., Because in that period the power of the Pope was paramount. Colonel Ingersoll in his works The corruption of the popes and the clergy, misconduct, The pole of adultery etc. has been exposed. The news of the misconduct of the clergy continues to shine in the world even today from America and Europe. It does not mean that all the priests or religious leaders are corrupt, but it is meant to say that under the guise of religion, the priests are corrupt., clerics, pundits, priests, Sadhus and sannyasis have carried on their fraud business for centuries.

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All organized religions are more dangerous than politics, Because they are based on superstition. When any person converts his religion, will he follow the Vedas?, tripitaka, Bible, aliveness, Reads and understands Quran or Guru Granth Sahib, whatever religion we follow, They believe because our parents made us drink it in a gulti.

If any person of any religion, sect, If one wants to be initiated into a creed or ideology, then even God cannot stop him, but the person who is greedy, Fear, Resistance, converts due to ignorance and deceit, He must be stopped from doing so. That is why these laws are becoming anti-conversion laws, but these laws should not become a hindrance in the path of inter-caste marriages based on pure love and conversion based on logic.

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