Apple is working on an iPhone made entirely of glass

When we imagine the iPhone from the future, the rumored folding cell phone that I would be working on comes to our heads Manzana. But a patent filed by the American company reveals an unexpected plan, even by fans of the brand: a smartphone made entirely of glass.

With this design, the user could see all the information and notifications regardless of the position of this striking device, with a automatic screen adjustment depending on the orientation of this glass iPhone.

This is what the glass iPhone looks like according to a patent filed by Apple
This is what the patent filed by Apple for the iPhone made entirely of glass looks like.

The glass iPhone: the details of the patented plan

Apple has just filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) a document detailing the appearance and function of a iPhone glass. As the site notes Phone Arena in his review, it is, perhaps, “one of the most unique looking device ideas” that we have seen to date.

The conceptual model described in the patent has six display areas; as indicated in the document, can display images on each of its six flat surfaces. USPTO approved the project describing it as a “glass-enclosed electronic device.”

A glass phone: what about the internals?

The patented device is undoubtedly a rarity and, in many ways, a mystery. One of the “opaque” aspects of this device is the following: For a crystal set, what happens to all the internal components?

According to the source, Apple describes in the document some ideas to assemble and disassemble the glass for repair, and how it could be disassembled to remove a cover that allows access to its internal elements.

Will a 100% glass iPhone ever be released?

So much Phone Arena as the specialized portal MacRumors they relativize an eventual arrival on the market of a cell phone with these characteristics. They point out that there are enormous logistical challenges, that repairing components would be cumbersome, and that a device like the one described in the patent it would be almost impossible to hold firmly in hand. “It would have the ergonomics of a soap,” they say.

Beyond the challenges in industrial processes that this type of design implies, Manzana He also states in his patent that he plans to extend this all-glass format of the iPhone for the rest of its line of devices, such as Apple watch and even on a desktop computer Mac Pro.

What’s more, What would happen to the resistance? The smartphones that are currently sold on the market have many other materials that are much harder than glass, and even then they are sometimes fragile and need protective covers.

iPhone 11 Pro: these videos show its resistance to impacts and scratches
Today’s iPhones are often fragile and require protective cases.

The truth is that the appearance of patents should not be interpreted as the full intention of a company to launch those products. Countless times we have seen super cute devices described in documents filed with the USPTO and other agencies that never make a foothold on the market. In any case, they show the innovation plans of a manufacturer that, perhaps adapted, will one day reach our hands.

Previously featured models

The proposal to develop a phone that has a full screen on its entire casing is not new. A few years ago Xiaomi presented the My Mix Alpha, a striking prototype that proposed this type of format, but in the end it did not reach the market. In this case, a screen with curved edges was extended to the back by a frame where the main camera and other accessories were located.

Before Apple, in 2019 Xiaomi announced the Mi Mix Alpha, a phone with an unprecedented screen and a powerful triple camera with a 108 megapixel sensor
Before Apple, in 2019 Xiaomi announced the Mi Mix Alpha, a phone with an unprecedented screen and a powerful triple camera with a 108 megapixel sensor.

The idea did not succeed, but the Chinese company this year again insisted with a prototype without buttons and with a screen whose design is known as waterfall of four curves. Xiaomi’s engineers have tried to make their new device “the simplest and closest to the concept of screen only possible”.

To date, in the technology industry, the screens only end up reaching part of the lateral edges of the equipment, as occurs with equipment such as the Motorola Edge and at the time some models of Samsung Galaxy phones, to mention a few cases.

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