Arif Mohammad Khan showed the way

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has shown the way to the state governments across the country. When there was a dispute regarding the appointment of Vice Chancellors in universities, Arif Mohammad Khan announced to leave the post of Chancellor. He did not give any reason for this but also said that if the state government brings a bill to remove the governor from the post of chancellor of all universities, he will immediately sign it. Keep in mind that according to the current system, the appointment of Vice-Chancellor in universities is done by the Governor. In many states including Bihar, there have been big controversies regarding this. After one such controversy, Arif Mohammad Khan announced to leave his responsibility. Arif Mohammad Khan

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Now governments in many states have started snatching this right from the governors on their own. Such a law has been made for two new universities to be built in Bihar., According to which the Governor does not have the right to make appointments., Rather, the state government will have it. In Maharashtra also, the state government is going to bring such a law and will retain the right to appoint vice-chancellors of many universities. The Governor of Kerala may have made the suggestion annoyed, but the West Bengal Government Education Minister Bratya Basu, referring to it, said that the state government is considering to make Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee the chancellor of all universities by bringing a law. Right now this type of trend is visible only in the states ruled by the opposition because there are conflicts too., But it may happen in the coming days, Governments should take such initiatives even where there is no conflict.

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