Astronauts harvest chili peppers aboard the International Space Station

Astronauts on the International Space Station They celebrated last November, with a taco party, the first crop of chili peppers planted in space. “The best space studs,” said Megan McArthur, a member of the crew. The crop was sown in July as part of some experiments.

Chilli peppers grown in space, astronauts harvest first produce in zero gravity - SCIENCE News
Astronauts harvest chili peppers, a new milestone in space farming.

This is one of the most complex plant experiments in the orbiting laboratory so far, mainly because chili peppers take much longer to grow than other experimental crops that have been made in space, in which they planted lettuce and radishes.

Furthermore, it is the longest plant experiment in the history of the International Space Station and recently concluded, 137 days after its onset.

NASA astronauts harvest pepper at the International Space Station |  Read the latest news 24h - Lao
This is one of the most complex experiments in the orbiting laboratory because chili peppers take much longer to grow.

The astronauts explained that these crops grew for four months. And, once they bloomed, the crew sanitized them before tasting them and then surveyed their taste and texture. For McArthur, who was in charge of preparing the tacos, they were delicious.

Matt Romeyn, Principal Investigator for PH-04, explained that The reasons for choosing bell peppers for this experiment is that in addition to being rich in vitamin C and other nutrients; astronauts tend to prefer very spicy or seasoned foods as they lose some of their taste and smell as a temporary side effect of living in space.

Part of the peppers were sent back to Earth to be analyzed. The experts explained that these chilies could become milder or hotter depending on the amount of water they receive and how much how living in the absence of gravity, a factor that produces stress in plants, affects them.

“What we learn will inform future growth of crops and food supplementation activities for deep space exploration.”

The other chili peppers harvested in space, They were cooked by the astronauts who made tacos with rehydrated beef fajitas, tomatoes and artichokes.

NASA: First space bite in Lanka, NASA & # 39; s bigger & # 39; mission & # 39;  behind |  NASA To Grow Chili Peppers In Space For Astronauts |
The astronauts took advantage of the crops to cook some tacos.

To date, they have been successfully planted 10 varieties of Space Station crops since 2015 and the astronauts have had the opportunity to test each one of them.

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