At Adele’s Request: Spotify Removes Shuffle Button From Albums

The button that allows random playback within albums on Spotify no longer appears by default following a request from Adele, in such a way that users can listen to the songs in the order in which the artists have established them.

Adele gets Spotify to remove the shuffle button: No more Shuffle?  |  Good show
Spotify removed the album shuffle button following a request from Adele.

The random play button has no longer present by default in the albums and the reason is found in a request from the artist Adele, who has just released her new album, ’30’. The change affects, for now, Premium accounts.

“This was the only request she had in our ever-changing industry,” the singer pointed out on her Twitter profile, where she also explained the reason for the request: “We don’t create albums with so much care and thought in our list of songs without no reason. Our art tells a story and our stories must be heard as we intend ».

Although the button is no longer present in albums, this does not mean that Spotify has permanently removed it, since users still have the option to activate it manually from the view of a song being played, as confirmed to The Verge by the head of music communications, Chris Macowski.

Adele’s tears when she met her teacher 21 years later: “You changed my life”

A reunion with a teacher he hadn’t seen since she was a preteen made Adele cry on stage. The Grammy winner met with a surprise who was one of her mentors when she was 12 and that excited his audience a lot.

The moving moment occurred during the special television concert of the British network ITV that had the singer as the protagonist, An Audience with Adele, which aired in the UK on Sunday night. During the star-studded event, the Hollywood actress Emma thompson She got up to ask the 33-year-old singer if there was someone from her past who had played a really important role in her life.

Adele is a 33-year-old British singer.

“When you were younger, was there someone who supported or inspired you, or who protected you from life’s adversities and pushed you forward?” The actress asked.

It was then that Adele shared that her high school English teacher, Mrs. McDonald, it really had been a source of inspiration, by instilling in her your love of the language and helping her to mold her talent for writing letters.

“She was so cool …”Adele added as she revealed that McDonald often directed performances in the school cafeteria. “It really made we cared about what we learned and we knew that she cared about us “, the artist remarked.

Because of those memories and because of the way that teacher influenced her life, when she saw her go through the crowd present and take the stage, the singer could not help but be moved by her presence. Meanwhile, the public did not stop applauding that special reunion. “I’m so proud of you,” said her teacher as she hugged her former student, now a celebrity.

Adele was surprised by her teacher and burst into tears - Fm Córdoba - FM Córdoba
The emotional hug between Adele and her teacher.

“Thanks for changing my life”, said the pop singer in an emotional moment that quickly broke down before a funny comment from the British star assuring that she needed to stop the show to fix her makeup. “I’m so happy you’re here,” he later told McDonald as he said goodbye with a big hug. “I still have all my books from when you were my teacher,” she added excitedly.


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