Atlético Oberá emerged as the champion of the Liga Obereña | “We are happy for the great victory and close 2021 in this way,” said Fabiola Loly Krzeczkowski, captain of the team.

Fabiola Loly Krzeczkowski captain of Atlético Oberá, in conversation with Misiones Online, expressed her excitement for obtaining a new title with Las Decanas. “We are super happy for the great triumph we achieved with the girls in this 2021. We come with a very busy year and the truth is that everything was unthinkable since after the pandemic we had no idea that so many tournaments would be played. To close the year with the local tournament title is something we have been looking for ”.

Athletic Oberá.
Fabiola Loly Krzeczkowski captain of Atlético Oberá.

Regarding the preparation to meet all the objectives, he explained that at first it was complicated because they had to train in their homes. “The group was very dispersed and it took a lot to get all the players back together. Once we were certain that the Liga Obereña was going to be played, we started with a preseason that was not one of the best because we did not have enough time. Thank God there weren’t many injuries and we were able to get there physically. Also, with a lot of harmony and incorporations in the team ”.

Regarding the dispute of the Liga Obereña, he pointed out that the tournament had seven teams. “There was a round of all against all. Then the best four went on to play in the semifinals ”. In that sense, he said that in the semis they faced Alumni while in the grand final they defeated Olimpia by 2 to 1. “This was a very tough and hard-fought final with a tight result. You could see that on the field we were superior and that is why we won the championship ”.

Atlético Oberá defeated Guaraní Antonio Franco in the final of the Federal Cup

Athletic Oberá
Atlético Oberá turned around in Villa Sarita.

In the first leg, Guaraní Antonio Franco defeated Atlético Oberá 2-1 in the capital of Monte. However, in Villa Sarita, the Obereño team, with two fewer players, won 2-1, forcing the definition from the penalty spot. In this way, in the penalty shootout, Las Decanas managed to win.

“Playing this final generated a lot of adrenaline and a lot of motivation since we had a fairly off year. Competing in this tournament was really incredible. When we started to play the second leg, we had everything against us due to the result in Oberá, the visiting public and the expulsions, and this is what football has. Likewise, what Las Decanas have is a lot of grit and heart. I think we turned that game around that way. We had a large part of the game with nine on the court and the goals down, and yet with a very cool head we managed to turn around and without a doubt it was our game of the year ”, he said.

Regarding the game against Chaco For Ever, he maintained that the most complicated thing was that they did not know the rival. “We had no idea how they played and how they stood on the field of play. We look for videos and we can’t find. In addition, in a short time they told us that we were playing the game in the town of Ituzaingó. Therefore, we had a quick preparation. We arrived with a fairly strong team and we were able to be superior in all lines. In the second half we achieved the greatest goal difference since once the first goal was entered, everything was simpler. The match ended 4-1 ”.

“The game against Guaraní and also against Chaco For Ever were spectacular in what has to do with the result and the show as it adds a lot to women’s football,” said Loly.

As for what is coming in 2022 in the federal tournament, he said that they will play the Argentina Cup from February 2, so “we are practically not going to have vacations because from January we will begin the preseason. Then, a tournament will be played on the premises of the AF that will last ten days ”. In that sense, he stated that the dispute system has not yet been agreed upon. “We are now leading the way in that tournament.”

About that tournament, which will have 16 teams including first division teams, he said: I am dying to play against Boca Juniors or River Plate. “The level of these teams is incredible. Also, the experience of playing against those teams will strengthen us a lot, ”she said.

Women’s football in Misiones

On the other hand, he referred to women’s football in the region. “Misiones is one of the provinces that grew the most in women’s football. Likewise, a lot of work still needs to be done on what are the training schools. I think that the clubs today are beginning to understand that football does not have a gender and the equality that there must be is being achieved little by little ”.

Finally, Loly left a message to those people who are starting their way through women’s football. “This discipline in the coming years will grow a lot since he will have the possibility of being able to live from it and that his dream will be fulfilled. I also ask the clubs to try to promote training schools, which are the most important thing ”.

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