Attention! Forgetting wife’s birthday is a legal offense in this country, there is also a provision for jail sentence

Samoa | There are countries around the world where even the least amount of action or activity that may seem harmless could land you in legal trouble. Sometimes as a non-native you may want to ask the local people if they have followed that law as well. For example forgetting your wife’s birthday. Yes, forgetting your wife’s birthday in Samoa in the Polynesian region of the Pacific can actually get you into legal trouble. The beautiful island named Samoa may be as beautiful as heaven, but it is hell for careless husbands. There’s no denying that birthdays are special and we should make that person feel special, but it’s a legal offense to forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa if it’s a bit much, no? ( Jail for forgetting wife birthday)

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Legal action for forgetting wife’s birthday

In Samoa, if a husband accidentally forgets his wife’s birthday, he can face a prison sentence as a punishment. According to the law of Samoa, if a husband accidentally forgets the birthday of his wife, then it comes under the category of crime. If the wife complains about this to the police, then the husband may have to go through the lockup. Now there is no need to fear so much because legal arrangements have been made to rectify the mistake of the husband. Forgetting his wife’s birthday for the first time, he is warned by the police not to repeat it the next time. If the husband’s luck is bad and he commits the same mistake again, then the punishment is given in the form of jail.

Strangers are laws all over the world (Jail for forgetting wife birthday)

In North Korea, it is illegal to leave your home in blue jeans. You cannot go jogging in East Africa as it is banned in the country. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore because it causes filth, while in Oklahoma, you will be imprisoned if you make a bad mouthful at a dog. (Jail for forgetting wife birthday)

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