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Dr Richard Lee was forced to pick up by the police

Shocking news came from Doctor Richard Lee . This beauty doctor was forcibly picked up by the police from the Polda Metro Jaya at his residence in Palembang, Wednesday (11/8/2021) morning.

This news was originally revealed by the wife of Dr. Richard Lee , Reni Effendi on Instagram. There Reni had recorded a video of her husband’s arrest. There, Dr. Richard looked very panicked. The wife screamed in terror.

Dr. Richard Lee’s lawyer, Razman Arif Nasution, confirmed that his client was forcibly picked up by the police from the Polda Metro Jaya.

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However, according to Razman, the pick-up was odd, because the police had not previously informed him about the status of his client’s suspect. The suspect’s status was only known after the police issued an arrest warrant.

Razman Arif also admitted that the arrest of Dr. Richard Lee was related to the case of violation of the ITE Law which was reported by the artist Kartika Putri .

Doctor Richard Lee was forcibly picked up as one of the selected news stories from peoplenewschronicle.com entertainment throughout Wednesday (11/8/2021).

But apart from that we have compiled other news options that are no less interesting.

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