Baba Venga had made this prediction about 2022, had already told…

New Delhi | Baba Venga’s Prediction 2022: People’s perceptions about prediction in India are different. There are many people around the world who believe in the prediction of some people. Even in all this, people give great importance to the prediction of Baba Venga, famous all over the world. What is the reason behind this that most of his predictions have come true. In such a situation, Baba Venga’s prediction has been heard regarding 2022, according to that it was already told that a new virus will come. Along with this, in his prediction, many types of natural disasters have also been warned in 2022. Also for 2022, Baba Venga said that many countries will see severe water crisis.

who is baba venga

Baba Venga’s Prediction 2022: Please tell that Baba Benga was not a man but a woman’s name. He died in 1996. He lost his eyesight at the age of 12 and 85% of his predictions have come true so far. It is said that no one had ever written his predictions. Rather, these predictions were told by Baba Venga to his followers. Let us tell you that before the death, Baba Bank had predicted up to 5079. He believed that the world would end in 5079.

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Many predictions came true

Baba Venga’s Prediction 2022: It is also true that many predictions of Baba Venga have come true. But there are many such predictions which proved to be wrong. Baba Benga had predicted a tsunami in 2004 which turned out to be completely true. After this he also predicted the death of British Princess Diana, which also came true. Baba Benga had said that the 44th President of America will be black and will be the last President there. This time his prediction came half true because the 44th President was Barack Obama but he was not the last President.

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