Baitullah: Eye-Opening Short Film by Mukul Madhav Foundation and Finolex Industries

All of us have comforts and privileges in our lives that we take for granted. Having food on our table, a roof over our heads, and clothes on our backs but for many, these basic necessities are a matter of life and death. When pushed into poverty, every mouth to feed in a family is made to work to earn food – and children are no exception.

Millions of children in our country are employed in dangerous jobs as child labourers and struggle every day to earn a meagre living. Their days of childhood are spent being a machine to earn money. Mukul Madhav Foundation and Finolex Industries (CSR Arm) have been working with such underprivileged children for years and have brought a positive change in the lives of many.

To bring awareness about the dire situation of child labourers in our country, the two came together to make the widely acclaimed short film “Baitullah”. Baitullah has been appreciated on the global stage for its important message and is a film that has been decorated with many accolades.

Baitullah’s director, Jitendra Rai made the most of his storytelling and cinematography skills to produce the short film. The film is not filled with dialogue, but the few short lines of dialogue that are there deliver an impactful punch and drive the point home very effectively. The majority of the film silently follows the main character- Baitullah – a child employed at a tea stall and how he struggles between his desire to enjoy his childhood and making ends meet for his family.


Baitullah’s employer is an abuser and has no qualms with striking the boy in full public view. The public has no concerns or sympathy for children like Baitullah. No one cares that Baitullah is working every day instead of getting an education, nobody cares that his employer has no regard for him and that he overworks the child. While the film is cruel and emotionally straining – it is important to watch it because it very realistically depicts the condition of child labourers and it should affect us to watch these children suffer under such conditions.

Ritu Chhabria the managing trustee at Mukul Madhav Foundation shares the institution’s vision behind the film, saying, “Through this film, we ask the question that we had tackled at the beginning of our journey. It is this thought that inspired us to start working with marginalised and vulnerable children. With Baitullah, we ask our audience the same question, “How could each child enjoy the things we take for granted in our lives?”. We have set out to put things in place, one small block at a time.

_Baitullah is available on Finolex Pipes’ YouTube Channel. Watch: https://youtu.be/cVTB0jVioOc_

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