Baltazar Garzón spoke at the UNC

The Spanish jurist Baltazar Garzón gave a conference at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University of Córdoba, entitled “Challenges of Human Rights in the face of the new global rights”.

The event took place this afternoon, on the occasion of the presentation of the Master’s in Social Sciences and is available on the YouTube channel. This postgraduate course addresses the issue of human rights, as well as the emergence of those discourses and practices that attempt against them.

Garzón has a law degree and is a public magistrate. Among his great achievements is that of having been an advisor to the International Criminal Court or that of director of the legal defense of the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange.

In 2012, he was recognized as a foreign resident of Argentina. In addition, he served as Coordinator of International Advice in the Human Rights Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, until 2016, the date on which he resigned after the end of Cristina Kirchner’s mandate.

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