Ban on foreign donations to Mother Teresa’s organization

Kolkata/New Delhi. After the controversy over banning the accounts of Mother Teresa’s organization Missionaries of Charity, it is now learned that the Central Government has canceled the license of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of this institution. Because of this the organization will not be able to get foreign donations. However, both the central government and the Missionaries of Charity have made it clear that the accounts have not been frozen.

Earlier, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had alleged that the central government has frozen the accounts of Mother Teresa’s organization. After this the situation has been clarified by the Union Home Ministry. The Home Ministry said that Mother Teresa’s application for renewal of FCRA license of Missionaries of Charity was rejected on December 25 for not fulfilling the eligibility conditions under FCRA 2010 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Rules 2011. One of the reasons given by the Home Ministry for rejecting the application for renewal of license is that it had received negative reports. However, it has not been told what is the negative report.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said that the application made by the Missionaries of Charity for FCRA renewal was rejected on December 25 for not fulfilling the eligibility conditions. The Ministry has also stated that no revision application has been received from the Missionaries of Charity to review the denial of FCRA renewal. The Ministry of Home Affairs said that the FCRA registration of the institution is valid till December 31.

Earlier, Mamta Banerjee tweeted and said – I am shocked to hear that on the occasion of Christmas, all the bank accounts of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in the country were frozen by the Union Ministry. 22 thousand patients and staff admitted in the institution have been left without food and medicines. He said that even though law is paramount in the country, but human efforts should not be compromised. Controversy escalated after Mamata Banerjee’s tweet, the Missionaries of Charity clarified the situation and said that all her bank accounts are working properly.

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