Bank bjb Wins First Place in InfoBank’s Go Public Bank Category

PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat and Banten Tbk or Bank bjb again recorded achievements. This time, Bank bjb won first place in the Go Public Bank Rating category in InfoBank’s rating of 109 banks as of December 2019-2020.

This was published in the August 2021 edition of Infobank Magazine. In the Go Public Bank category, bank bjb recorded a total score of 94.02 with the title “Very Good”. Bank bjb is ranked first out of a total of 42 banks that have gone public in Indonesia according to InfoBank.

The rating assessment is based on a number of aspects. Bank bjb won percentages on the aspects involved of 14.08 percent (Total Assets), 8.55 percent (Core Capital), 13.16 percent (Risk Management), 13.16 percent (Good Corporate Governance practices), 9.36 percent (Capital), 18.91 percent (Asset Quality), 15.00 percent (Profitability), 11.92 percent (Liquidity), and 12.50 percent (Efficiency).

In the Go Public Rating, the banks that are ranked in the top five in the second and so on are PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA), PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tnk (BBRI), PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA), PT OCBC NISP Tbk (NISP). ) and PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI).

The title of the best Go Public Bank was achieved by bjb because of the company’s performance which continued to record positive growth throughout 2020-2021 despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout 2020, Bank bjb recorded a consolidated net profit of IDR 1.68 trillion, up 8 percent compared to 2019 worth IDR 1.56 trillion.

This profit achievement was above the average for the banking industry which recorded a 33 percent contracted profit during the 2020 period. The total value of assets owned by bank bjb throughout 2020 also grew to reach 14.08 percent year on year to Rp140.93 trillion.

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Positive business growth was also achieved by Bank bjb in the second quarter of 2021, where the company’s profit was able to grow 14.4 percent to Rp 924 billion. This growth was also followed by an increase in the value of the company’s assets which grew by 20.0 percent year on year or reached Rp. 150.4 trillion.

The credit sector, which is the main spearhead of the company in boosting revenue, was also able to grow nett by 6.7 percent year on year to Rp91.6 trillion. The quality of loans disbursed is also well maintained with the level of NPL or bad loans of only 1.34 percent, quite far below the national banking industry average in the position of May 2021 which reached 3.35 percent.

The President Director of Bank bjb, Yuddy Renaldi said, the achievements achieved by bank bjb are a tangible manifestation of the professionalism of all Bank bjb personnel in working to realize the company’s vision and mission. This is also supported by the company’s resilient business model.

“Bank bjb is an adaptive and agile company in dealing with various situations, so that the company’s performance is always on track as expected. In fact, until the position of June 2021 the performance of bank bjb continues to grow positively. It is hoped that the award given by Infobank will always be an inspiration for us to continue to maintain the company’s performance well,” said Yuddy.

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