There’s not many situations in life that are more stressful than a job interview, so the last thing you need on the big day is to wake up with a clogged pore on your nose or some other kind of disaster.

If you don’t feel like you look good, your confidence will be plummeting even before the nerves start to set in. You’ve got enough to think about just making sure you’re speaking in coherent sentences, without worrying if your appearance isn’t making the best first impression.

So here’s some tips that will take at least some of the stress and worry away from the big day:

  1. Exfoliate and use powder foundation rather than liquids to deal with clogged pores. Cleansing and exfoliating will unclog the pores, while switching to powder foundation can help avoid any clogged pore on nose or anywhere else and prevent oily skin. Parsley and boiling water makes for a quick and cheap cleanser.
  2. Don’t use heavy make-up or too much make-up. You might feel like piling on the battle armour will keep you safe from this terrifying ordeal but looking natural, fresh and vibrant is the key, so don’t overdo it.
  3. Make your hair and nails work for you. First impressions in an interview can be everything, so make sure your hair is clean and looks great, and if you can get a manicure to get your nails looking perfect, then you’ll be so confident going in for that initial handshake.
  4. Take touch-up essentials with you. Nerves can be hell on the beauty look you’ve gone for, so make sure you’ve got a compact and a mirror so you can make last minute adjustments.


These tips will help you feel relaxed and in control for your job interview and ensure there’s not a single clogged pore on your nose to ruin the day.


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