Before Karishma Kapoor, this daughter of Kapoor family had stepped into the world of Bollywood

Karishma Kapoor: The name of the Kapoor family is so famous that the entire Bollywood industry rests on the Kapoor family. Bollywood got more than one star from Kapoor family Kapoor family is one such part which is ruling the entire Bollywood industry. Whenever it comes to acting from the Kapoor family, the first name is taken of Karishma Kapoor, but do you know that before Karishma Kapoor, there is another daughter of the Kapoor family, who made her acting debut in Bollywood. Made a lot of name in the industry. Yes, we are talking about Karishma Kapoor, she worked with Kapoor family’s daughter Sanjana Kapoor’s Bollywood actress and made a different identity.

It is none other than Raj Kapoor’s brother Shashi Kapoor Dear daughter Sanjana Kapoor was the first to make a splash in the Bollywood industry. Shashi Kapoor was married in 1958 with whom he had Karan Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor and daughter Sanjana Kapoor.

Sanjana earned a lot of name in acting like her father Shashi Kapoor, she made her Bollywood debut with the film produced by Shashi Kapoor, in which Sanjana’s mother was playing the main character.

Sanjana Kapoor has done a lot of work in her life, she posted the Amul India show on TV for almost 3 years. was also associated with

She had also kept her grandfather’s Prithviraj Kapoor’s Prithvi Theater for years.

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