Bethel church on Urk shot during Sunday morning service

November 2015, the cameras of the world land in Molenbeek. The sequence will help make this name pejoratively famous, even today. Foreign correspondents in Brussels tell, some regretting the fate of the municipality.

The Bethelkerk in Urk was shot at with an air rifle during the service on Sunday morning. There is a hole in one of the windows at the front of the church. During the service, some people heard that shooting was going on. “But it was not a mortar shell,” says sexton Laus van Loosen soberly. “This is wantonness.”

The church was packed Sunday morning. “It was a few who heard the blow”, Van Loosen wants to say. “A lady with child who was just walking outside saw the hole. About ten centimeters in one of the windows. There are always people at the So it was quickly clear what was going on.”

The windows open directly onto the church space where the service is held. The windows are visible from the pews.

Police looking for witnesses

It is not known who did it, which is why the police are now asking for witnesses. “Although it is a time that will soon become clear who did it,” says Van Loosen. At the time, around half past ten and ten to twelve, most Urkers are in church. Who is on the street stands out.

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The sexton does not know when exactly the window will be replaced. “This morning the window had not yet been replaced. It’s not very big either and you need a ladder to get to it. So it won’t run that fast. Again, we really assume wantonness.”

On Monday morning, the police conducted a neighborhood survey in the area around the Kerk aan de Wijk 3. A report was filed on behalf of the church. No one was injured. The municipality of Urk has been informed by the police but has not yet taken any steps. “It is now a matter for the police. We await the results of the investigation,” said spokesman Françoise Bisschop.

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