Beto Merenda, a glory of missionary basketball, underwent emergency open-heart surgery in a high-risk intervention – MisionesOnline

Alberto Bernardo Merenda, who stamped his name on fire in the history of missionary basketball, is going through one of the most difficult moments of his life. Who shone in the old Nacional together with figures like Lucky Flamig, Hugo Benítez, among other names; He had to undergo emergency heart surgery in a high-risk operation at the Madariaga de Posadas Hospital and currently his situation is “delicate, but favorable.”

Mónica, the wife of “Beto” Merenda, revealed to Misiones Online that the former athlete had a cardiac decompensation yesterday and had to enter the Posadeño public health center as an emergency. After a series of studies, a board of cardiologists warned that his aorta vein had been torn from the beginning to the end and he had to undergo emergency surgery to continue living.

The surgical procedure was very complex, but at the same time it was the only ‘chance to continue living’ that I had. “Doctors told us that only 30% of patients survive it,” Monica told this medium.

The operation was done last night, lasted several hours and was a success in that first stage, although the match for Beto was not over yet. “He is currently in intensive care, sedated, on a respirator. He is still a risk patient, this is minute by minute by minute. The good thing is that the medications were withdrawn and so far he is responding well. The bleeding that this type of surgery usually has is controlled, but the doctors tell us that we have to wait. He continues to be a delicate and risky patient, ”concluded the wife.

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