better communication than war

First there was a military encounter between India and China and then there was so much tension on the border., As much 1962 Never happened after the war. The soldiers of both the countries are adamant on the frontiers of both the countries, but the soldiers of both the countries have interacted with each other more than a dozen times. to surprise in this scenario The good news is that there has been an unprecedented increase in the mutual trade between the two nations. This increase has happened even though, Whereas many organizations of India had appealed to the public to boycott Chinese goods. The government had also banned many Chinese business and technical organizations but what happened?,

Sanctions and boycotts remained in place and India-China trade jumped to such a high in the last year that it set a record. Only 11 between the two countries in a month 8.57 Lakh Crore Rs. business took place. this compared to last year 46.4 The percentage was high, that is, despite the tension, mutual trade increased by about one and a half times. The thing to note in this trade is that the amount of goods India sold to China, Bought more than three times that.

India has 6.59 Bought goods worth lakh crores and China only 1.98 Lakh Crore Rs. Of. What is the meaning of this, Is it not that the people of India listened to the appeals of the government and the ruling organizations with one ear and threw them out with the other. In other words, the military encounter in Galwan Valley and government appeals had no effect on the common people. What could be the cause of this, The first reason for this is probably that people did not understand why the encounter took place on the India-China border and whose fault it was., India or China,

Narendra Modi had said in his address to the nation that China has not occupied even an inch of India’s land, so people started thinking that then, what is the dispute, If the people of India felt that it was China’s fault, then they would automatically boycott that Chinese things., as he 1962 did in. The people would be ahead and the government behind. But the business data given above also proves that the attitude of the government on this issue was also not clear. If the attitude of the government was two-sided, then what could have happened in the mutual trade between the two countries? ,

Can there be any import or export in the country without the permission of the governments?, Although the governments of both the countries kept accusing each other of attack, but both of them did not hesitate to increase their trade. It is also good that the soldiers on both sides are continuously issuing talks. Why can’t the same process continue between India and Pakistan?, Whenever I have met the Presidents and Prime Ministers of Pakistan, i them 1962 I have been giving the example of the India-China dialogue that followed. Differences and disputes should have their place but why should the dialogue stop?, Now war is not the solution to any problem, It can only come out of dialogue.

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