Bhojpuri actress Shweta Mahara did such a dance wearing a sari, fans made such a comment

Shweta Mahara: The famous 90s song Tip Tip Barsa Pani is in discussion again these days. Actually, the film Suryavanshi released some time ago, this song was filmed on Katrina Kaif. (Shweta Mahara) In which she is seen dancing on this song wearing a gray color saree.

Shweta Maharani has shared a video on her Instagram, in which she is seen giving an energetic signature step like Katrina.

Although Shweta has danced on many songs, but this song is being liked very much in the music industry, many videos of Shweta, like poison on Pardesiya, these songs give Shweta a different identity in the industry and the fan following also reached the sky. Went.

Comments are also coming on this video of Shweta, one user has commented that you really set the water on fire, while the other user said that Katrina Kaif has faded in front of you, tell Shweta is very murderous from her mouth and her Seeing the face expressions along with the dance, everyone becomes crazy about them.

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