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In the matter of the lapse of security of the Prime Minister, the entire Central Government and the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party are after the Punjab Government. While preparations are being made to take action against the police chief of Punjab under the SPG Act, the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Congress government are being accused of conspiracy. But there is no talk about the responsibility of the central agencies and the SPG handling the security of the Prime Minister. By law, this entire incident shows the failure of SPG in a way. Earlier, there has been a security lapse in Prime Minister Modi four times in three different states and this was the fifth case.

Keep in mind that the Special Protection Group (SPG) now only looks after the security of the Prime Minister. Annual budget of this elite force 562 crores of rupees. i.e. about every month 50 Crores of rupees are spent only on the security of the Prime Minister. Earlier the SPG also looked after the security of former Prime Ministers and their families. But now its job is to give security to only one person i.e. the Prime Minister of the country. Wherever the Prime Minister goes, the advance team of SPG goes first. From the roads to the place of the Prime Minister’s program, the SPG has an eye on everything. Apart from this, there is a team of Advance Security Link ie ASL., Which coordinates and monitors all the agencies. If there is any threat to the security of the Prime Minister, then it is the responsibility of the SPG to not let the PM go there or if he has reached, then bring him back from there.

Then the question is whether the SPG had stopped the Prime Minister from going to Punjab on the basis of prior information about the bad weather., If the Prime Minister reached Bathinda by his special aircraft, did the SPG stop the Prime Minister from traveling further there?, Did the SPG say that the program of going by road suddenly is not safe?, Did he give a warning and after that a program was made to go ahead on the insistence of the Prime Minister?, If a program to go by road was made, what was the report given by the advance team of SPG from Ferozepur and did the ASL team coordinate with the state police and administration to get information about the route?, Everything related to the security of the Prime Minister and the security of his routes etc. ,blue book, are registered in. According to him, when the Prime Minister travels by road in a state, the Chief Secretary of the state, DGP, Collectors of the respective districts, The SPs are all together or are running back and forth. Was this the case during Prime Minister’s visit to Ferozepur and if it was not so why did the SPG allow the Prime Minister to visit,

Apart from SPG, another agency of the Central Government is the Intelligence Bureau ie IB. It has its officers in every district. An officer of the rank of Joint Director is posted in the states. Its job is to alert the Prime Minister’s security team. It is the responsibility of this team to give information about the ground situation. remember how 2014 Before Narendra Modi’s Patna Gandhi Maidan rally, there were explosions and when Modi reached the Patna airport, the Joint Director of IB of Bihar went to the airport and informed Modi about the incident. Even after that it was Modi’s own decision to go to the rally. At that time, the Joint Director of IB in Bihar was an IPS officer of Gujarat cadre. Did the IB team in Punjab inform the Prime Minister’s security team about the farmers’ agitation and possible road blocks?, If not, why shouldn’t the responsibility of IB be fixed?,

The area of ​​Ferozepur in Punjab is very close to the border of Pakistan. On the way to Firozpur, Where the Prime Minister’s convoy was stopped due to the farmers’ movement, that area was also on the border of Pakistan. 50 It was within a kilometer radius. Recently, the Central Government has removed the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) from the border. 15 by kilometer 50 Kilometers inside. That is why most of the area of ​​Ferozepur and Prime Minister’s Route also comes under the jurisdiction of BSF. It is also reported that instead of the Prime Minister’s rally in Ferozepur, the SPG as well as the BSF team was present in the security. So do the BSF officers not have any responsibility in this matter?,

Along with the central agencies, the big question is also the absence of workers of the country’s largest party, Bharatiya Janata Party. When the Prime Minister travels by road, BJP workers flag all the way., Welcome them with banners. In Punjab, the program of travel by road was made suddenly, so BJP workers were not present on the roadside, but BJP workers could reach where the farmers were agitating! He could have removed the farmers or informed the party leadership. But there is no such news that BJP workers reached the place of farmers’ agitation or when nearby BJP leaders got news of farmers’ agitation, they informed top BJP leaders about it.

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